Do you guarantee removal of all spots or stains in the carpet?2019-05-11T05:47:58+00:00

We will try our best to remove stains but we cannot guarantee that we will remove all spots or stains. There are lot of factors to consider like age of the carpet, type of carpet, type of stain and age of the stain.

How much time will it take tp dry my carpet?2019-05-11T05:47:15+00:00

Generally it takes 2-4 hours to dry out the carpet on normal day , but it may also depend and on the weather conditions , thickness of the carpet , type of machine used and condition of your carpet. Depending on all this factors our team member will let you know how much time it will take . For speed up the process you can also ask the team member about our air dryers for speeding up the process.

Do you need to move furniture?2019-05-11T05:46:43+00:00

Yes some times , it would be better if you can move your furniture before the team reaches , it will give them the space to clean the carpet and cleaning can also take a less time. If you cannot move it by yourself our team will handle the furniture adjustment during the cleaning.

It is better to move the furniture before our crew arrive and give us space to clean carpet, otherwise our crew will move the furniture during cleaning.

How long will it take to clean my carpets?2019-05-11T05:45:58+00:00

Normally it take upto 15-20 minutes to Clean a carpet , but it also depends on the size of the carpet , size of the bedroom , amount of furniture to adjust.

Do I do vacuum cleaning before the cheap carpet cleaners team arrive ?2019-05-11T05:45:24+00:00

No. Cheap carpet cleaners team will take care of vacuum cleaning for you.

Which method do you use for cleaning carpet?2019-05-11T05:42:33+00:00

We follow a 7 step customised procedure to make your carpet better

7 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Step One : Pre-Inspection

Our professional will walk with you through your home and note any area that need additional consideration and furthermore talk about things to be moved. Subsequent to identifying the carpet and rug’s condition and based on that choose a specific formula to clean your carpet.

Step Two : Pre-Vaccum Clean

After the pre-inspection we will apply our soil lifting formula to the all areas being cleaned. It removes the surface dust and dirt using a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner.

Step Three : Deodorising/Shampoo Application

In certain cases we may recommend that an anitmicrobial deodorizer/sanitizer be applied to the carpet. This will eliminate pet odors as well as any other odors caused by bacteria leaving your carpet fresh and clean.

Step Four : Furniture Adjustment

While allowing the pre-spray to dwell and work deep into your carpet, your technician will carefully move any items that will be cleaned underneath and place protective “blocks” or “chips” under the furniture so your carpet can dry properly with no new furniture stains.

Step Five : Hot Water Extraction and Rinse

After the pre-vacuum Clean has been permitted adequate stay time we will remove your floor covering utilizing the heated water extraction technique otherwise called Steam Cleaning with our powerful modern evaluation truck-mounted rug cleaning machine. Our flush is extraordinarily figured to leave your floor covering and upholstery buildup free so it stays cleaner longer and feels milder. In view of the powerful machine we can complete an increasingly careful flushing of the rug, while getting the floor covering dry quicker with our truck-mounted vacuum framework.

Step Six : Post Spot Treatment
After a cleaning there are sometimes spots that remain. Our technician will do everything possible to treat these spots and remove them now.

Step Seven : Post Inspection
We will walk with you through your home again to make sure all spots, stains, and traffic areas have been thoroughly cleaned. During the post-inspection we will go over the job with you and note any suggestions for the future that will help improve your carpet’s life and cleanliness as well as answer any questions you might have once the job has been completed.

What do you consider an area?2019-04-27T08:08:29+00:00

Typically, an area is a room that is 250 square feet or less. Living room/dining room combos are considered two areas. Any area over 250 square feet but less than 400 square feet would incur a small additional charge. Areas greater than 400 square feet would be priced as two areas. Non-standard areas (baths, steps, landings, walk-in closets, etc.) are priced separately from the standard areas, usually at a lesser price.

What method do you use for carpet cleaning?2019-04-27T08:07:49+00:00

The method we use for cleaning is pH balanced hot water extraction (commonly referred to as steam cleaning.) This is the method required by carpet manufacturers to maintain warranties. MasterCare’s exclusive hot water extraction method includes pre-treating the traffic & heavily soiled areas so that the cleaning process removes the toughest, deepest dirt safely and gently. Hot, soft water combined with earth friendly cleaning solutions are misted on carpet fibers. Then, powerful truck mounted extraction removes deep-down soils, allergens, the cleaning solutions and 95% of the moisture.

Do I need to vacuum before my service?2019-04-27T08:07:16+00:00

A light vacuuming in the areas to be cleaned is recommended but not required. Our crew will pre-vacuum the areas to be cleaned, because 70% of carpet soil is dry soil.

How Often Should Tile and Grout Be Professionally Cleaned?2019-05-11T05:51:51+00:00

It is recommended that you have your tile and grout professionally cleaned once a year. If you live in a home with pets, children or have high traffic tile floors, you may wish to have yours cleaned more frequently, such as every six months, to keep them looking great. As a general rule of thumb, if the grout is looking darker and your tile is losing some of its shine, cleaning is needed.

I daily clean the tile and grout cleaning ? Do I still need professional cleaning for tile and grout?2019-05-11T05:51:22+00:00

When you mop tile floors or clean tile countertops you are only cleaning the surface of the tile and grout. Unfortunately, both of these items are porous, meaning they absorb dirt, water, liquids and other residues. Professional tile and grout cleaning is the best way to reach in those pores and remove everything that is contained within them. This is why you can never get your tile and grout as clean yourself as you can when you have them professionally cleaned.

When you mop tile floors or clean tile ledges you are just cleaning the outside of the tile and grout. Unfortunately, both of these things are porous, which means they absorb dirt, water, liquids and other residues. Proficient tile and grout cleaning is the most ideal approach to reach in those pores and expel everything that is contained inside them. This is the reason you can never get your tile and grout as spotless yourself as you can when you have them expertly cleaned.

How is tile and grout cleaning is done professionally?2019-05-11T05:50:50+00:00

The definite strategy used to clean your tile and grout fluctuates dependent on the sort of tile and the state of both the tile and grout. Ordinarily a mix of a high pressure water stream related to a vacuum procedure is utilised. A high-pressure water stream evacuates hardened on soil and contaminants, while the vacuum procedure sucks away abundance water and earth that is caught profound inside the grout and tiles. In the event that your grout and tile are not in the best condition, a steaming procedure might be utilised to lift dirt and debris. When the tile and grout are cleaned, the tile is fixed to keep out future dirt and residue buildup.

What Makes You DIfferent From Other Carpet Cleaners?2019-04-27T08:12:26+00:00

n contrast to the “fly-by-night” or “bait-and-switch” companies, our quality and integrity sets us apart. We have been in business for over 30 years and built a reputation based on fair prices and outstanding workmanship. We are family owned and operated, so we are personally invested in our company that serves the local Orange County community. We value the relationships we’ve built with our customers and look forward to serving our new customers, as well. We will be there when you call us, and we stand behind our work.

How do you guarantee customer satisfaction?2019-04-27T08:10:53+00:00

We proudly boast the majority of our customers are repeat or referral business. This is a direct result of our commitment to delivering high quality service to our customers’ satisfaction. We are happy to work with you to correct any situation that may arise. In some cases this can mean spot cleaning specific areas of concern or even completely re-cleaning the area in question. Please contact us within 36-48 hours of service 0425 399 879 .

How long will it take to clean my carpets?2019-04-27T08:09:40+00:00

On average, it will take approximately 20 minutes per area. This time can vary greatly depending on the amount of furniture to be moved, how soiled the carpet is, and any necessary stain removal treatments.

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